Electrical and Electronics Testing Services:
Characterization, Parameter Sorts
Production Testing
ESD Testing
Human Body Model (HBM)
     ESD DS5.1
Machine Model (MM)
     ESD DS5.1
Charge Device Model (CDM)
     ESD DS5.1
Particle Impact Noise Detection (PIND)
Voltage Rating
Transient Susceptibility
Thermal Impedance
HI-POT (A.C. or D.C.)
Dielectric Withstand Voltage
Insulation Resistance
Capacitance, Inductance, Resistance
AC Testing
Printed Circuit Boards, Quality Analysis of PCB
Cleanliness/Cleaning testing
Printed Circuit Board Construction Analysis
Failure Analysis
Printed Circuit Board Impedance (TDR)
Electronics Testing
Environmental Testing
Package, Shipping Testing
Vibration and Shock Testing
Metallurgical and MaterialsTesting
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Failure Analysis
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